Why is Club Fitting important?

Club fitting is fundamental to provide consistency throughout a set of clubs. Some players like to achieve a preferable ball flight, flight pattern, feel and sound. Having clubs that are properly fit to your swing will have an immediate impact on your consistency and ability to score. As a new, novice or advanced golfer you might experience worse performance on your shot shape and ball flight if the club is not finely tuned to the way that you swing the club. Every golfer has different load and release patterns therefore not all golfers swinging a club at 80 mph should be swinging a club with the same flex. That is the reason we stand by our fitting technology and our fitting process. We believe through our fittings we are able to optimize your clubs to maximize your consistency, accuracy and distance throughout the bag.

Why Us?

Our staff has over 20 years experience. We are knowledgeable in the latest technology to assist in fine tuning your equipment and swing. With technology as advanced as it is now, it becomes fun for us to assist people to find the right equipment. Not only are we fitting you to build a set of clubs, we are taking the information to the No Bogeys build shop and actually putting it in process. Common communications where a client needs to increase the height of his launch, he can take it directly to the Club Building Technician. Or where a golfer wants to tighten dispersion, our fitter will recommend soft stepping the iron shafts. Or tipping a driver shaft to help lower the launch. It’s a huge advantage that we have the fitter and the builder under the same roof communicating throughout the club building process. We have been rated in the Top 50 club Fitters by Golf Digest & Golf Magazine.

How do we fit?

Our technology is state of the art. We use industry leading TrackMan flight monitors for ball and club data. We also use a system that measures load and release which is the buzz in the industry. No Bogeys has been doing it for 15 years. 95 out of 100 Fitters in the industry will fit for Club Head speed alone, leaders in the industry have proven that incorrect. Load and release is the timing of the shaft and we believe is the biggest contributor to maximizing distance and consistency.

What Happens at a Club Fitting?

Our fitting process starts with an interview where we talk about your desired ball flight, goals or what you feel like you are missing e.g.: If you feel like the ball floats too much and you lose a lot of distance when hitting into the wind we would note that you might have too much spin on your irons. Next, we have you tested on the load and release device, which will give us the desired data to start putting some shafts together. Before picking heads, we interview your desired look, feel, lofts of the heads and proceed to hit a multitude of combinations. Once we find the optimal combination we address the budget and your options. After we find a suitable shaft and head combination we make sure to properly fit for loft, lie angle, length, weight, grip size and grip composition. Once we settle on a desirable combination the order is placed and we give the build specs to the Club Building Technician.




At a Glance



Weighting and Balancing

Extensions & Cut-Downs

Frequency matching

Loft & Lie adjustments

Wedge grinding

Hot Melting and more!!!

At No Bogeys Golf we offer a full range of workshop services to fix nearly any golf club related problem. Our level of professional service and turnaround time is unmatched in the industry. There is no job too big or small for us. We use precise instruments with the highest grade component to ensure that the clubs are built exactly to the specifications that were used in the fitting. Because there is no industry standard for the measurement of length, loft, lie angle, face angle, and shaft flex, we control every aspect of the clubs.



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