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    Professional instruction, fittings, Club Building, and private indoor practice facility

    No Bogeys Golf Performance Center

    Professional Instruction:

    We at No Bogeys believe we have some of the most talented instructors in Orange County. Trackman technology sets us apart and streamlines the game improvement process; showing us your club, ball, and body data. Seeing your swing on Trackman will revolutionize your game!

    Club fitting:

    Getting fit is fundamental to provide consistency throughout a set of clubs. Our staff has over 20 years experience. We are knowledgeable in the latest technology to assist in fine tuning your equipment and swing. With technology as advanced as it is now, it becomes fun for us to assist people to find the right equipment. It’s a huge advantage that we have the fitter and the builder under the same roof communicating throughout the club building process. We have been rated in the Top 50 club Fitters by Golf Digest & Golf Magazine.

    Custom Club Building:

    No Bogeys has been perfecting the craft of club building for over 25 years. Our goal is to optimize your equipment; building it to work for you, not against you. We can build you a custom new set from the ground up or retro fit your existing set.

    Indoor Practice Facility:

    Book a private bay by the hour(s) and choose to practice, play or both. Come by yourself or bring a friend. Join our membership and commit yourself to better golf when you practice with purpose. Analyze and diagnose with fact-based confidence. With TrackMan4 not only can you see your swing on instant video, but you also capture all your ball and club data.





    TrackMan is among the most noteworthy recent technological advances in golf, providing the ability to analyze a ball’s flight via a wireless monitor. The radar-based tool returns the most accurate impact conditions in the industry, measuring a multitude of putting and full swing data points, including clubhead speed, launch angle, face angle and smash factor.



    The electronics are housed in the compact and durable receiver unit (SAM BaseUnit). The measuring principle is based on extremely accurate ultrasonic 3D measurements. The technology is derived from the medical sector and is proven to be reliable in many medical applications. Up to now there is no other technology available that provides comparable accuracy of data for putting.



    At No Bogeys Golf, we understand that golf is a science and an art. And we know how much the right equipment can change the game. That’s why we carry only the best brand names in the sport. Whether you’re looking to tweak your existing clubs with a new shaft or head, re-grip your existing set, pick up some accessories, or overhaul the entire set of clubs in your golf bag, No Bogeys has the best golf brands to improve your game.



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